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Holistic Life Balance Coaching & Alexander Technique Instruction

Embody Balance - Succeed in your Life

teaching women & men to embody balance from the inside out
so they can live sustainably and thrive !

Restore Balance - Heal Pain - Create Success

Hello and Welcome

I am Loba Chudak and I am passionate about helping men and women return to a sense of balance and freedom in their lives so they can do what they love successfully and sustainably.

More and more people are becoming interested in meeting their needs for healthier ways of dealing with stress, demands, busy schedules and lives while staying in touch with their essentials: a wish for full engagement in a profession - doing what they love to their fullest - while staying attentive to the details of personal needs in order to be able to function at their best.

 Bringing balance - honing awareness - strengthening your senses

Support Yourself

Support yourself in becoming more apt at maneuvering stress and challenges with less effort, upset and energy expense.

Fine Tune Yourself

 Fine tune your innate ability to stay in touch with yourself.

Notice the Tension

Notice the tension and learn to release it easily and effectively:

Tension Yoy Have Carried

Tension you have carried all along or the tension that you build up
in response to tasks & demands or simply out of habit.

Refine your perception - Success is much closer than you think.

Refine Your PerceptionGet clearer in your body, get clearer in your mind - these go hand in hand:
often we struggle to make improvements in certain areas of our life,
at work or a specialized skill such as in the arts, dance, musical performance,
sports, public speaking etc. but we miss some essential points in doing so.

Get Clearer
More often than not we get wrapped up in the effort of trying to achieve the improvement. Refine your perception through the body and learn to recognize the subtle interferences. Re-examine your familiar way of making effort and allow success to become a continuum.

Your Success is much closer than you think
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