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     Loba C. Chudak
     certified Alexander Technique instructor
     Reiki Master and Practitioner
     Visual Artist
     Flutist - formerly with the Hamburg Philharmonic Orchestra

Schedule & Availability

     Summer 2015
     Appointments & Programs June through August 2015

     The Alexander Technique is individually taught in one on one
     lessons which are offered in a variety of formats.

     You can begin with:
     A single one time introductory discovery appointment
     Introductory group presentations are available upon inquiry.


    Introductory single appointments
    VIP immersion course
    Season package (available June through August)

Why is it for You

     Maybe you have heard about the Technique, are a musician, dancer or actor,
     or someone dealing with back issues, neck and shoulder problems or repetitive stress.
     Maybe you are a computer user having to sit in front of a screen much of the time,
     or someone whoʼs work puts great physical demands on their body.

     The Alexander Technique is a unique method and combination of
      restorative bodywork elements and educational principles to help a person:
      - increase awareness
      - unlearn the not-so-useful habits of creating and holding tension
      - increase choices for healthier habits
      - renew and re-stimulate the bodies organic stability, flexibility and movement
      - strengthen your back
      - and bring conscious direction to how a person applies these principles
        to their daily or specialized activities.

How do You Learn It

Learning the Alexander Technique compares well to learning a languageCape Cod 2
or learning to play an instrument. Through hands-on guided movement
and lying down work we explore the currency, "the vocabulary" of
your movement and how you go about doing the things most important
to you as well as the daily nitty gritty.
With certain principles alive and working on us all the time, such as gravity,
our thoughts and emotions, we will begin to make connections between what is, what we add and what we can subtract. For instance, when sitting in the chair how much of your musculature is doing work, out of habit, out of discomfort, out of stress or simply out of lack of awareness.

Through the skilled teachers hands and observation do we free what is extraneous and access what is inherently vital. Freeing the neck, restoring a more dynamic response to gravity, depending on the circumstances of the person, this will have different effects. Someone will feel something immediately whereas another person may not notice much at first. The incentive is to become more and more aware of how the body-mind unity functions, how to apply this knowledge to what we do and therefore becoming more in tune with ourselves and our bodies.

Mobility, flexibility, efficiency, awareness, freedom, comfort, success, concentration & focus, joy, interest, courage, curiosity, well-being, harmony, these and more are potential results we get to experience in the various contexts and applications of our lives.

Even though you will be learning something new it could be said that it is not anything that is extra. The "knowledge" of connection, alignment, presence and alertness is already a part of us. But most of us have been in some form or another out of touch with these principles - this innate language of moving and being in our bodies - and therefore in the beginning it may seem like a foreign language to us.

The lessons provide tools and the needed input to restore this innate language. We are re-organizing and, in a way, taking out what is getting in the way. What is in the way creates stress and tension and makes "things" work harder, interfering with the natural flow as we try to accomplish what we set out to do. And most of the time, tension that has been established for a while is something that we also begin to conform to and loose track of, meaning it has a subtle (and sometimes of course not so subtle ) as well as ongoing influence on us. We may not exactly be able to tell what it is, but it is there in the background influencing, shaping and delivering how we do things.

In summary we can say we bring consciousness and spaciousness to our being on all levels, like finding the sweet spot and playing a well-tuned instrument. Moving freely, doing what we do with greater freedom, accuracy or efficiency, relieving strain, stress and pain, all of that and more are the benefits of learning the art of understanding and applying the Alexander Technique principles, allowing the body-mind unity to function well.

You can find further details and information about the various areas of application, as well as about myself, Loba Chudak, Alexander Technique teacher under the menu options of the home page. Click here to get there.

To make an appointment, ask a question or connect please use this link to send me an e-mail.

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