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Loba C. Chudak, Certified Alexander Technique Instructor
Artist & Flutist

Offerings - How you can work with me

The Alexander Technique is individually taught in one on one lessons.
You can begin with a single
Introductory Discovery Appointment to get to know each other and experience the work.
After that we discuss the next step that works for you. Most often people will continue on to the
Alexander Technique Balance Basics Course - A series of lessons.
Introductory Group Presentations are available upon request.

Why is it for you?

Maybe you have heard about the Technique, are a musician, dancer or actor,
or someone dealing with back issues, neck and shoulder problems or repetitive stress.
Maybe you are a computer user having to sit in front of a screen much of the time,
or someone whoʼs work puts great physical demands on their body.

The Alexander Technique is a unique method and combination of
restorative bodywork elements and educational principles to help a person:
      - increase awareness
      - unlearn the not-so-useful habits of creating and holding tension
      - increase choices for healthier habits
      - renew and integrate the body's innate reflexes, balance and movement
      - strengthen your back
      - bring conscious direction to how a person applies these principles
        to their daily or specialized activities.

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