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Alexander Technique, What Is It ?

Restore Balance - Heal Pain - Create Success

Are you looking for relief from chronic pain, tension & stress ?
Are you experiencing back and neck pain or wish to improve your posture ?
Would you like to enhance your overall health and well-being so you can
feel more at ease in your body and be more successful at the workplace and in Business ?

The AT is a unique method of self care and mind-body re-education.
With it’s emphasis on kinesthetic re-education it provides gentle tension
release, relaxation, deep restoration and skillful instruction.
It teaches you improved posture, helps to reduce and prevent pain
and promotes increased energy and overall wellness.

Over the course of a lifetime there are many ways in which a person
grows accustomed to producing undue amounts of effort and holding tension.

We may notice the tension, but being used to producing it (habit) we may not
be able to effectively let go and do less. And so the residual tension gets carried
along even long after the initial effort has passed and begins to build, over years,
patterns of muscular and structural interference, that can cause pain, rob us of
energy, cloud our mind and increase the discomfort of chronic conditions.

Allow your natural efficiency and poise to be re-calibrated
and experience the lightness and joy it brings.

There is a deeply innate and fundamental system of natural reflex function underlying
and supporting all our movement and functioning. We all are born with this innate efficiency.
When active it manifests as our excellent coordination, promoting freedom of mind & body,
movement & breath, giving us balance, feelings of ease, spaciousness & enjoyment.

The good news is, this freedom and exquisite balance can be restored.

While children are the example of such freedom, as adults we can return
to this state of equilibrium. The difference: we now are conscious co-creators
and deliberate in how we engage with it.

Have you ever considered that your body may not be weak or defective
but simply complaining about the way it is being handled ?

As you learn and improve with the AT principles, you gain awareness for your
personal habits of producing effort and holding tension - the things you do with
yourself on a daily basis. In strengthening your mind body unity and engaging
your mind in a new way, you begin to change the texture of your habits, and
restore spaciousness, the body’s response to gravity and your natural efficiency.
For example: with chronic neck or back pain, your skeletal structure can expand
into it’s natural space and allow the musculature to relax into just the right amount
of tone, instead of overworking. This in turn provides more space and reduces the
amount friction that is created in your joints and in cases of arthritis can assist
in reducing unnecessary stress on you joints.

Success with Balance

For over a hundred years people have been benefitting from the study of the Alexander Technique principles. In learning to take off the weight of stress on your joints, muscles, shoulders & mind you too can rejuvenate and restore the natural spaciousness of your spine and your whole self. Learn the fundamental principles of movement, coordination and ease and bring this practical & logical approach to your life.

Your body, mind and spirit will thank you.

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