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Alexander Technique, who is it for ?

Generally speaking it is for all those who want to improve their relationship with their bodies. If you want to learn more about how to use your body with integrity and alignment, take better care of yourself and learn  to eliminate stress before it turns back on you, this is for you. It is for Women & Men, Children, the Elderly, Musicians, Actors, Speakers, Athletes, Dancers, Computer Users, Mothers to be.

People have found it to be helpful in the following applications:

Pain Management for

- people with chronic pain and injuries
- back, neck & shoulder problems
- knee & hip problems

Ease, Comfort & Support for

   - easing anxiety
   - support with performance stress in learning and during examen
   - improving concentration
  The Elderly Grass and Sand
   - improving balance
   - increasing range of motion
   - restoring sleep and relaxation
   - easing stress

Support for those in Transition

- dealing with grief, depression and life changes
- support during cancer treatment

Dynamic Ease and enhanced Skill & Poise for

Musicians, Actors, Dancers and
Sports such as: Golf, Tennis, Horseback Riding

Stress Management for

Active but stressful life styles
People dealing with common problems of tension, stress & sleep disturbances


Anyone wishing to be more at ease
Life Style Change
Graceful Aging
Self Care

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